Types Of Sports Betting

It is possible to find different types of sports betting on the most diverse legalized online betting sites available, the main objective is to serve different types of users, from beginners who prefer simple guesses to more experienced ones who assemble long-term strategies and that’s why can handle more complex strategies.

Let’s see what the main types we can find and how they work:

  • simple sports betting

This is the most common and traditional type of bet among users on the market on online betting sites, and they are so simple that even people who don’t bet already imagine what it’s like just to hear about sports betting.

A simple sports bet is simple speculation about a specific outcome of a match, event or sport. In this case, only one aspect of the game is the target of speculation.

As an example, we can talk about one of the most popular sports in the world: football, in a simple sports, bet on this sport the obvious options are:

  • Victory for the team that plays at your home or favourite
  • Tie between times
  • Outside team victory or underdog

This type is the most suitable for users new to the market, as they can offer lower risks and odds on a safe average, this way this user can take less risk while gaining experience to apply more complex strategies.

  • multiple sports betting

This type of bet already presents a more complex proposal to the user, here the user can select different types of games and sports to make several guesses at the same time in the same order. The house organizes all in a single order and calculates the odds of all to deliver a final average.

The risks of loss in this type are much greater, as the user must hit all the guesses contained in the order so that the gains are transferred to him. It is a two-way street, as the odds are added together and, consequently, larger, the value of the gains can also be greater and therefore the risk is proportional.

Multiple sports bets are suitable for more experienced users and more inclined to risk, as it requires a greater knowledge and confidence to be made and can end up with the user’s bank capital.

  • system sports betting

We can say that this type of bet is an improved version and with less risk than multiple sports bets, because in this type the player can also place several different guesses in just one order or ticket, the odds of all of them are also added together and a final value is displayed.

The big difference is that in system sports betting the user does not need to hit all the guesses, the ones he got right are calculated the amount of the prize to be delivered as well as the amount related to the lost guesses on the ticket.

It is a more dynamic type that has less risk for the user, as he can put in his ticket all the guesses he believes to be winners and even if he doesn’t get them all right, he will receive the equivalent value or lose the equivalent value.